Weekly picture challenge : Wish

…From ages, philosophers have been preaching and guiding all of us to live in the moment. To simply be present to enjoy life….


Today’s  challenge led me into a weird thought process. I started thinking what are the different emotions and tenses(time period) a ‘Wish‘ is associated with. Its funny and amusing at the same time how our thoughts flow in out of no where just from a word and this is exactly why I love the picture/word challenges. In short it is ‘food for thought’.

On thinking about what anyone would wish for , I could broadly classify them into positive and negative wishes which again is sub classified into three categories.


  1. Living in the past : This is where we all mostly wish for something or someone associating to an event that happened in the past. ex : ‘ I wish I did..’ , ‘I wish he was ….’ , ‘I wish my team won..’ etc. It is mostly  associated with regret , desire, missing out and so on.
  2. Living in the future : This category consists of wishes like ‘All the best’, ‘Wish you succeed..’ ‘Wish to  do well’ etc. which is associated with expectations , hope, looking forward to and so on.
  3. Living in the present :  I just realized this is my favorite category of wishes like ‘ A very good morning!’, ‘ Happy Birthday ‘, ‘Congratulations’ etc. I could not associate these with the past or the future. Could not associate these with anything else but Happiness and being content.  Through a simple good morning wish we don’t only live that very moment, but share and make someone else’s day too.

From ages, philosophers have been preaching and guiding all of us to live in the moment. Living in the moment devoid us from a lot of stressful feelings like regret, expectation etc. Best is TO BE. To simply be present to enjoy life. The word ‘Wish‘ got me into thinking how important it is to let go, not to expect but just experience life right now. In this very moment.

I could associate the picture above to ‘Good Morning !’  which has made to top in my list of wishes 🙂



Weekly Picture Challenge : Solitude

never really experienced loneliness to begin with let alone be journey in the path of solitude

Hello there, 

I  have lived in a metropolitan city of India for 26 years before I moved to UK and then later on to the USA. Everyday in my life back in India used to be very busy.

I have a big family back there. My school, work, family and friends, hobbies, social life etc. always kept me busy round the clock. The city and people around me had a big influence in making me an independent and bold girl at a very young age. Never did I have a calm, lone time spent that I can recall of. Only time I would be all by myself most of the days were when I am dead tired and sleeping in the night. I was someone who thought I could never be alone all by myself  as I never had to in the buzz of a busy city.


But over the years after moving out from my comfort zone, culture, family and friends I realized ‘SOLITUDE‘ was different from ‘Loneliness’. In the past I never really experienced loneliness to begin with let alone be journey in the path of solitude. At least in my case, to get away from loneliness I started exploring a whole new world where I spend hours doing something I love , all by myself.

And now I am at a stage where I enjoy cooking couple of hours with music being played out loud or indulge in a cup of tea sitting in my balcony with thoughts and memories flowing in or meditate in a dark space with a blank mind or paint something or simply stroll around a new city or a place. I don’t know if this solitude. But what I do know is it isn’t loneliness and I am enjoying every bit of it.

In the above picture, I am onlooking a frozen lake at a resort I stayed over this winter. Though I wasn’t alone when this was snapped,  I can relate how I feel about being alone and content with this picture. Hence sharing with you all with a question in mind ‘ Can loneliness lead to solitude if worked on it positively?’

Have a great weekend !