Been there Done that!

Funny how I conveyed ‘I love you’ indirectly on Social network. LOL. So carefree, immature and clichéd


Hello , its me!  I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet me as a teenager? (Did you try singing it like Adele’s Hello song? 😛 )

Well, back to the topic. I was wondering what happened to Orkut (Popular social network during my teenage) in today’s Facebook era. So here I google and landed at

To my surprise this opened up a letter written by the creator of Orkut. He has now started a new social network .Yes, that’s right a new social network which works with ‘loves’ and not ‘likes’. 

By the way, ‘love’ reminds me of the topic I wanted to share. So back to topic, I promise.As a kid from early 20’s I , just like many of you wrote testimonial to my boyfriend then (my husband now) . I had for some reason copied it and saved as an email draft. Have no idea why. I had to struggle to reread it today and it reminded of the unnecessary dots, short forms and punctuation used just like today’s  teens. Copy pasting it yet again . Who knows if gmail will be taken down after  a decade.

(Lets call him Slash for time being)

‘SSSSSSSlash…is “THE NONSENSE” …i ve met in mah life…..most practical…highly insenstive…..he does feel for some stupid thing which z happenening far across sumwher…bt nt near by him:)….How  can i 4get to tell tat dont mess with him when he z HUNGRY !!!!! Animal..  !!!!!
100% trust worthy , faithful, honest, Gem of a kind :-)…….hottie too :-)….don u get flattered nonsense!!!!….n yeah…..all u gals out ther STATUTARY WARNING :  “When everythin z so perfect in sum one…ther ll definitely be a BUT “….keep guessing this BUT 😉
Must say a hard core fan of JIM n,Foot Ball.. n..Rum…..forgets world 4 em…(hardly remembers anyone or otherwise ;)……..But All in all…its wonderful  n amazingly awesome to ve known you….
n yeah , Slash..u better watch p.s I LUV YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Funny how I conveyed ‘I love you’ indirectly on Social network. LOL. So carefree, immature and clichéd. All  at the same time. Today, when I look back I cannot believe its me back then. So annoying at the same time funny to read . Also, reminds me yet again ‘Been there, Done that’ just like teens today.