Write will never go wrong!

But awestruck about the world we enter in our sleep. Its crazy, complex, impractical . Yet feels so real.


Hello there, 

Its been only couple of days that I started blogging but its bringing back to me so many fond memories. So, today, thought of sharing few things that I wrote about in the past and it kind of stayed with me forever. And the best part is after effects and laughter that came along with every experience.

1. Novelist in me came alive when I was bed ridden due to a ligament tear. To kill my boredom, I ended up writing 20 page long imaginary story :P. No, I wasn’t crazy but just high on painkillers. 

After effect : Reading this 20 page long story to my friend is what stays with me forever. The laughter, teases, embarrassment that  followed the narration was simply priceless 🙂

2. Almost 9 years ago, I started dating this not so expressive, angry young man. Being a short tempered and sensitive person myself, I did not want to lose my cool and regret it later as most of the times I was the one being silly or over reacting. So I jotted down all my complaints in a book. The book only had curses, disagreements and nagging statements. 

After effect : Over the time we were in a long distance relationship sorts of arrangement. Before moving out of the city, I handed the book to him to read and have a good laugh at how silly I was .(Imagine someone getting to read a book full of  complaints about oneself)  I am not too sure how he felt about it till date. Few things are best if kept unknown…….or hell with it, I will ask my husband today how he felt 9 years ago. Yes, we are married now and nothing can be a secret anymore 😛

3. I used to get these scary  dreams during the most stressed out period of my life. these dreams lead me into buying a book on dreams to understand what dreams mean. In this book I learnt how it will be useful if we jot down our dreams , first thing in the morning. Guess I took it too seriously and jotted down a small book full of dreams.

After effect : No matter how many times I read it, it doesn’t make any sense to me. But awestruck about the  world we enter  in our sleep. Its crazy, complex, impractical . Yet feels so real.

These are few of many times I decided to write. Till date I have always enjoyed it every single time and it just occurred to me that every time I actually ‘Wrote’ in a book. No typing or editing involved like blogging. Yet, ‘Writing never went wrong’ literally or metaphorically 🙂


Been there Done that!

Funny how I conveyed ‘I love you’ indirectly on Social network. LOL. So carefree, immature and clichéd

Hello , its me!  I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet me as a teenager? (Did you try singing it like Adele’s Hello song? 😛 )

Well, back to the topic. I was wondering what happened to Orkut (Popular social network during my teenage) in today’s Facebook era. So here I google and landed at http://www.orkut.com/index.html

To my surprise this opened up a letter written by the creator of Orkut. He has now started a new social network http://www.hello.com/en/index.html .Yes, that’s right a new social network which works with ‘loves’ and not ‘likes’. 

By the way, ‘love’ reminds me of the topic I wanted to share. So back to topic, I promise.As a kid from early 20’s I , just like many of you wrote testimonial to my boyfriend then (my husband now) . I had for some reason copied it and saved as an email draft. Have no idea why. I had to struggle to reread it today and it reminded of the unnecessary dots, short forms and punctuation used just like today’s  teens. Copy pasting it yet again . Who knows if gmail will be taken down after  a decade.

(Lets call him Slash for time being)

‘SSSSSSSlash…is “THE NONSENSE” …i ve met in mah life…..most practical…highly insenstive…..he does feel for some stupid thing which z happenening far across sumwher…bt nt near by him:)….How  can i 4get to tell tat dont mess with him when he z HUNGRY !!!!! Animal..  !!!!!
100% trust worthy , faithful, honest, Gem of a kind :-)…….hottie too :-)….don u get flattered nonsense!!!!….n yeah…..all u gals out ther STATUTARY WARNING :  “When everythin z so perfect in sum one…ther ll definitely be a BUT “….keep guessing this BUT 😉
Must say a hard core fan of JIM n,Foot Ball.. n..Rum…..forgets world 4 em…(hardly remembers anyone or otherwise ;)……..But All in all…its wonderful  n amazingly awesome to ve known you….
n yeah , Slash..u better watch p.s I LUV YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Funny how I conveyed ‘I love you’ indirectly on Social network. LOL. So carefree, immature and clichéd. All  at the same time. Today, when I look back I cannot believe its me back then. So annoying at the same time funny to read . Also, reminds me yet again ‘Been there, Done that’ just like teens today.